Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clinical And Regulatory Submission Data - Design of Good Graphic Display

For good graphic design for clinical and regulatory submission data strive for quality by focusing on the following points to consider:

  • a well designed presentation of interesting data is a matter of substance and storyline, of biostatistics and of design
  • complex ideas should be communicated with clarity, QC, precision and efficiency
  • graphics should give the team reader and FDA reviewer the greatest number of ideas in the shortest amount of time while using the least print in the smallest place - pertaining to data density and presentation for clinical and regulatory submissions - the adage is "give the FDA reviewer a lot of white space on a page"
  • the true data must be shown and used - for only then will the data display a precise biostatistical point
  • most graphs, and therefore most data, when presented with clarity are multivariate - well thought out design and display of accurate, clear data even multivariate in nature will present well.

"The data must be true" - yes, and the first step to accomplish a graph of excellence is to use QC early in the collection of the data to be included as points in the graph.

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