Saturday, March 27, 2010

Phase 4 Clinical Research - The Role of Key Opinion Leaders

Phase 4 Clinical research data provides current information pertaining to an FDA approved drug in the marketplace and in a real life setting. The drug, once approved by FDA, must be monitored with rigor for safety and efficacy by pharma throughout the life cycle of the drug product. Pharma especially, must closely monitor and adhere to safety surveillance and risk marketing plans agreed to with FDA before granting approval to market. In earlier posts, we spoke of the contribution of physicians and health care providers and their role in the dissemination of clinical research data and documentation to key target groups. Key Opinion Leaders, another target group, as well, have a unique position in the dissemination of clinical data and documentation to interested parties.

Effectively marketed clinical data to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) is a critical huge factor in gaining full product support in the marketing arena. KOLs are expert physicians who have influence over medical practice. KOLs are sought out groups of experts who set the pace for industry trends. KOLs will share a wealth of information and insight ranging from clinical science to advertising concepts and provide highly credible exposure for a product in the medical community through speaking engagements, published articles in medical journals and general practice. Engage KOLs in market research and medical symposiums. Engage KOLs with the latest clinical research early and throughout the product's life cycle. Engaging KOLs early in marketing practice and plans will ensure pharma with an invaluable feedback and insight throughout the life of the product and thus increased marketing exposure in clinical practice. KOLs are essential to quality. KOLs are essential to ROI.

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